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Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 3

You know that one self-destructive joke you tell at every gathering you attend to? It was hysterical the first time, so you kept on repeating the joke over and over again until it eventually loses its charm. Yes, Pitch Perfect 3 was THAT dreaded joke.

The original Pitch Perfect was a refreshing film with a delightfully interesting premise, a wonderful cast, and some pretty solid writing and singing behind them. The second installment was a total disappointment though, and while this supposed end to the trilogy tried to be different this time around, it was still annoyingly lackluster and stale.

The plot was insipid and exceptionally lazy, it was almost humourless, and the idea to focus on Fat Amy did nothing but point out how dead this franchise had become. I don't know. Fat Amy became hugely irritating with the only purpose seemed to just hurl out nonsense at every opportunity.

Such a shame that the franchise tossed aside all sense of wit, genuine humor, and memorable musical performances in this final film and instead replaced them with some random "action" subplot that was totally dumb. Pitch Perfect was probably one of the most unnecessary film trilogies EVER made especially Pitch Perfect 3, which was part nauseating and part unbearable. How I wish they stopped with the first film.

Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 3 Reviewed by DAM on 12:49 PM Rating: 5

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