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Movie Review: Chloe

I was never warned going into this film that it was going to be sexually graphic. Haha. But while Chloe was highly erotic, I thought that the sex scenes were done tastefully.

To be honest, I was really worried at first that this movie would end up being the typical cheesy movie about betrayal and jealousy. Fortunately, after just a few minutes in to it, I realized that it was going to be much more than that. Sure, the story was predictable and formulaic but I certainly can't say that I was ever bored.

I thought that the movie was extremely engaging and incredibly entertaining. The film grabbed my attention and visually, it was quite a feat. I mean, the minimalistic set and the way it was shot gave this film a surprisingly modern and slick look. The cinematography was beyond what I expected from a film under this genre.

As for the acting performances, I thought Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson delivered good performances - though Neeson didn't have much of a material to work on. That being said, Amanda Seyfried as the character lead came away as the real winner here. She was quite a surprise. I found her performance subtle but very efficient - naturally sexy and appealing.

Now, if only the plot weren't as predictable as it actually was, then this would've been an excellent film. Sadly, I saw the twist coming from a mile way and I think any avid movie-goer will too. Still, it was a great solid thriller.

Movie Review: Chloe Reviewed by DAM on 1:12 AM Rating: 5

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