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Movie Review: Skyfall

Not only was Skyfall easily the best James Bond film in recent memory - or at least with Daniel Craig as Bond - this was also one of the more grounded plots in its whole franchise. Yes, the story was quite basic, but it was written extremely well and it felt the most personal to the series. The acting performances were also superb from Judi Dench's more intimate take on her character to Javier Bardem's deliciously creepy and insane portrayal of Silva - not the most iconic Bond villain, but one of the more unpredictable and interestingly tragic antagonists. Daniel Craig, meanwhile, brought a surprisingly vulnerable side to his character with a more thoughtful and nuanced performance. The action sequences were artfully directed, the soundtrack and scoring were gorgeous and the direction was fantastic. Oh, and visually, this was undoubtedly the most beautifully shot movie I have seen this year. The cinematography was just epic! Seriously. I've NEVER been hugely passionate about the James Bond franchise, but Skyfall, I dare say, was one of the best action films this year.

Movie Review: Skyfall Reviewed by DAM on 6:52 PM Rating: 5

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