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Movie Review: Isa Pa, With Feelings

I can't recall watching any recent film where a lead character engages in sign for most of the story, leaving the audience relying very much on subtitles (and expressions) to tide us through, but that actually made Isa Pa, With Feelings a fascinating watch. Not only did the film provide insights on a deaf person's struggles, but it also chronicled, meticulously, the real effort that must go into building a romantic relationship between two "different" individuals.

Sure, the first act was slow, sometimes dull, with a plot structure that was highly predictable, but watching the narrative progressed throughout the film felt rewarding on an emotional level. The characters were well written, the conflicts were brilliantly believable that if felt like watching friends walk through their own personal story, and yes, the attraction between Carlo Aquino and Maine Mendoza came off genuine.

Maine Mendoza gave off a very charismatic performance adding enough quirk to the role without overdoing it, but it was Carlo Aquino, who left me breathless. He didn't have any lines the entire movie, but his facial expressions were so impeccable that I genuinely felt him.

The film was also technically quite impressive. The careful sound mix was terrific, the soundtrack hit all the proper notes when and where it needed, the perfectly executed shift of perspective felt inspired, and the film was visually stunning with some beautiful imagery - the blinking lights in particular looked gorgeous.

Isa Pa, With Feelings was a pretty straightforward romantic movie that toed along the typical formula. It wasn't perfect, but it allowed me to think, feel, and experience certain things, which all good movies should. A lovely romantic film that spoke loud and clear beyond words.

Movie Review: Isa Pa, With Feelings Reviewed by DAM on 7:30 AM Rating: 5

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