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Movie Review: It's Complicated

I am a bit conflicted with this one. Considering the cast, I began to watch this movie with high expectations. Sadly, I was somehow a bit disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't horrible but its overly predictable plot [I saw the ending coming a mile away] left me wanting more than just that! I mean, the story was almost promising and I thought that it all went well until I got to know the characters. Then it stopped. And the rest of the movie just passed by like short parodies with commercial breaks as people staring to each other with sparkling eyes.

The real problem, to me, was the script. It was a little too cliched and frankly not funny enough. Some of the lines were lame and I didn't buy the happy ending for one second - although, it made me a little emotional. Also, there were too many unnecessary scenes in the film. The idea of putting so many interesting scenes together to have an additive effect didn't work here - it did not make the whole seem more beautiful.

To be fair though, I thought that the film had some great moments. The acting, for one, was impeccable. Three exceptional actors - Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin - ply their crafts perfectly. Meryl Streep was natural and proved that she can still create a character from scratch and make the role as real as possible. Alec Baldwin had the charm and magnetism to carry such a role. I thought he showed top comedic work here. Steve Martin, on the other hand, was surprisingly in control and utterly enjoyable.

The film did run a bit long and lost some of it's spark in the finale act, but it was still pure entertainment, at the very least. I adore the actors. I like the genre. I unwillingly bought the premise. But I ultimately was still disappointed. I don't know. It really is complicated. Haha.

Movie Review: It's Complicated Reviewed by DAM on 12:25 AM Rating: 5

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