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Movie Review: The Losers

It was fun! And that's all you need to know about this movie.

I mean, if you try to be critical or make sense of some of the plot flaws, you will be disappointed. But I thought this film - greatly supported with humor, action, and compelling characters - was made purely to entertain, and it certainly accomplished that mission.

The plot was straightforward and, to some extent, typical, but the satiric jabs along the way somehow made it quite entertaining. But it was, I thought, the characters and their dynamics that somehow saved the film from being just an overly stylized mediocre flick.

Arguably, the cast was the film's strongest asset. I found the ensemble to be the real reason why the film turned out to be as entertaining as it actually was. Of particular note was Chris Evans, who provided most of the comic relief. Heck, he was pretty much the film's saving grace. Absolutely hilarious! Seriously. Now, 'Don't Stop Believing' has a whole different meaning to it after I saw his role in this film. Bring on Captain America is all I have to say! Haha. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who shockingly looked very much like Robert Downey Jr, delivered a strong performance and Zoe Saldana brought a lot of feminine charm and spunk into the mix that somehow made Megan Foxx less hotter and bad*ss.

Of course, there were occasional missteps here and there. I found one of the biggest fight scenes between Morgan and Saldana to probably have one of the most terrible lighting I've seen in a while. It was nearly impossible to make out what was going on - at least until the room catches on fire anyway. Haha. It also made little sense in regards to the plot. The overall visual effects were also mediocre at best. I thought the poor editing left me cold although I appreciate its MTV-esque style.

To me, The redeeming and damning aspect was the fact that the script simply did not take itself seriously. It was just purely entertainment. Really. I enjoyed the movie for what it was and it was obvious that it couldn't be anything but that.

Movie Review: The Losers Reviewed by DAM on 12:33 AM Rating: 5

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