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Movie Review: The Last Song

Where should I start? Umm. The movie was a trainwreck. There! Done! Yay! Haha.

To be perfectly honest, I saw this movie just for fun, not expecting anything wonderful. But I didn't realize that it would be this painful to watch. Really.

The predictable storyline seemed rushed and all over the place, the script was badly written and the screenplay was too contrived. The parts in the film where I actually felt as though I was supposed to cry seemed to happen so fast that I didn't have enough time to understand how the characters felt. I mean, it was like their emotional ranges were so fast and too random that I couldn't get in tune with any of the characters anymore. It was frustrating!

But the biggest problem I had with the film was MILEY CYRUS. Yes, the lead star herself. Seriously. I hated her acting from the moment she appeared on the screen. Sure, as the movie went forth, I somehow started to change my mind at times but then she turns on her - made-up word alert! - annoyingness that made me dislike her again. I don't know. She was so off and on through out the entire film. She looked confused at times and when she actually had to show REAL emotion, it was as if she didn't know what to do.

Miley Cyrus was just too disappointing as an actress. Not that I think she's so talented to begin with, but I expected her to take her acting to another level if she really wants to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, she failed miserably. To me, casting her as the lead actress for the film was a BIG MISTAKE.

Good thing, the rest of the cast delivered mostly decent-to-good performances. Liam Hemsworth pulled off his role quite nicely and so was Greg Kinnear who was amazing. The real shining star, however, was the kid who portrayed Miley's brother. I thought he was magnificent.

Oh, and the settings and scenery shots were actually quite beautiful and artistic. Shocker. Haha.

All that being said, it's not a movie I'd recommend. Just skip it. But, if you don't care about Miley Cyrus' bad acting or the cliche screenplay, by all means, watch it. I warned you though. Haha.

Movie Review: The Last Song Reviewed by DAM on 12:44 AM Rating: 5

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