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Movie Review: Knight and Day

"With me.. Without me.. With me.. Without me.." Haha.

Now, this is the movie that Killers wanted to be. I mean, that one NEVER quite lived up to it's potential but Knight and Day was surprising in a way that it exceeded my expectations. It was unexpectedly enjoyable - particularly the rollicking first hour - and the action rarely lets up, which was nice.

I thought the story was, as usual, cliched, but it wasn't that bad. I was actually surprised with how the plot found its footing immediately and achieved a surprising level of sustenance throughout its running time. The movie threw so many funny situations and one-liners so quickly that I giggled non-stop for the first hour.

The action sequences, on the other hand, were also quite remarkable and pretty satisfying. The stunts were good, the special effects were adequate and not overpowering and some of its car chase sequences were probably among the most elaborate I can imagine. I thought the action scenes flowed really well.

As for the cast, I thought Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were amazing and their wonderful chemistry never felt forced or phony. In fact, every time they were on screen, the movie's energy and fun level pegs the meter. Tom Cruise was both charming and bada*s and it was funny that his character remained polite even in the middle of chaos. Cameron Diaz dominated the screen effortlessly with her humorous one-liners and almost exceptional comedic timing. Her character would've been disgustingly annoying if not portrayed correctly but she handled it well and didn't irritate me one bit, which was shocking. Ha!

One minor quibble though were the villains, who once again, weren't nearly as compelling as the leads. Heck, I found it very hard to believe that the main villain was once Cruise's partner. He can barely keep up with Cruise, who leaps and bounds into action without much hesitation. But that's just me. Haha.

To sum it all up, the movie wasn't anything groundbreaking or phenomenal but it was surprisingly good. It engaged me, amused me, and entertained me. Nothing more to say.

Movie Review: Knight and Day Reviewed by DAM on 12:59 AM Rating: 5

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