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Movie Review: Limitless

So, I came into this with very low expectations due to the awful - almost not existent - advertising it got, but yes, what a surprise!! It's not what I expected from the trailer, but I wasn't any where near disappointed with this film.

To say the least, I thought the film was surprisingly polished with a little more depth than most. The plot was clever - something that's hard to come across nowadays - and the script was intricate enough to hold my attention the entire time. I admit, there were flaws in terms of the story telling as it left me questioning certain actions of some characters, but the incredible pacing of the film gave me not much time to think them through as I became more focused on the next scene.Yes, thanks to the well structured direction of Niel Burger.

On a technical standpoint, everything just worked perfectly. I found the camera-work to be quite exceptional as at times, I felt like I was as much a part of the movie as I was a viewer. The cinematography was wonderful, the visual effects were excellent, the music also managed to build up the tension quite nicely. The film editing, to me, stood out the most though. I thought it was outstanding.

The performances were also pretty good. I thought the lead character was perfectly crafted for Bradley Cooper. Seriously. Without him, the film would most likely lose its charismatic vibe and would not be nearly as good. He had a strong dynamic changes throughout the film that was undeniably amusing to watch. Robert DeNiro had little to do, but he did it well. Abbie Cornish was, at most, expressionless, but solid nonetheless. Some of the characters were underused, but I digress.

No, this film wasn't perfect AT ALL, but I enjoyed the concept of the movie. It did not delve deep into anything nor did it try to achieve something groundbreaking. What Limitless did though was to provide a sharp, polished entertainment complete with a fantastic script, decent direction, wonderful acting and some exceptional editing. Yes, there was a feeling of satisfaction after watching this film.

Movie Review: Limitless Reviewed by DAM on 3:26 AM Rating: 5

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