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Movie Review: Hop

For the record, I can enjoy virtually any movie. I guess, all it takes for me is to be in that right frame of mind. So, while I was in my perfect "state" when I watched Hop, something didn't click.

Maybe the lack of some much needed meaningful storyline? I mean, sure, the animation was beautifully done and it was technically pretty good, but all that technical brilliance didn't make up for it's less than satisfying plot. Let's face it, there have been tons of genuinely good animated flicks made in the past couple of years with absolutely incredible - and sometimes quite original - stories that arguably separated them from their contemporaries, this film, however, just didn't cut it.

I thought the attempt to have a parallel story between the two lead characters were clumsy and obvious, nothing interesting actually happened within the story, the characters didn't develop one bit and there was no sense of challenge or danger at any point of the film. Heck, even the one possible exciting element - the Pink Berets - were given nothing to do other than hop from one place to another. Good thing, some of the jokes did work - but then again, the humor had more miss than hits.

As for the actors, I thought they were all decent if a bit unremarkable. James Marsden was likeable enough and so was Rusell Brand's voice, but other than that, they were all forgettable. I have to point out though that David Hasselhoff's cameo was just kind of sad if anything else.

To be honest, I suspect that there's a lot of good intent into this film. At least, it tried something new and approached a holiday that hasn't earned much attention from Hollywood. Sadly, I don't think I'd recommend this film. I feel bad for even saying that, but what can I do? Perhaps the kids will buy into the simple and corny plot, but not the adults who expect a bit more than that.

Movie Review: Hop Reviewed by DAM on 3:30 AM Rating: 5

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