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Movie Review: Tower Heist

For the record, I'm not really a big fan of Ben Stiller - more so, Eddie Murphy - but I have to say, Tower Heist was actually a lot better than I expected.

Sure, the movie had a silly plot. It was not that believable and not as clever as it seemed, but let's be honest, if you went into it expecting a plot in the veins of the Italian Job, then you're kidding yourself! OBVIOUSLY, this wasn't a well thought out and logical type of heist film, which I didn't minde because this was, after all, a comedy film. Heck, the craziness and absurdity of it all actually made the film more comical.

So yes, I found the film funny. There were point where the humor fell flat as if they were trying too hard, but there were surprisingly some solid good natured humor without the usual overkill. I guess, aside from the relatively good writing, the cast made it more hysterical.

Ben Stiller wasn't his funniest in this film, but he was very entertaining and quite charming. He was a good lead and he gave his character a little depth than I expected. Eddie Murphy, on the other hand, was on top gear. He had so many abysmal films as of late, but here, I thought he had some good bright spots. I wouldn't say that this was a "breakout" role for him, but he was funny and I wasn't even a fan. But the biggest surprise were the supporting cast, specifically Gabourney Sidibe and Michael Pena. Their comedic timing were fantastic.

One quibble I had with the film though was the inconsistent pacing. The first half just bored me to tears. I know that it was all about the set up so that they could snowball it down at the end, but they could've done it in a more interesting way no? Also, the chemistry between Murphy and Stiller was quite promising, but it somehow fizzled out quickly. I don't know.

Overall, Tower Heist was a fun movie with a little demand to suspend your disbelief. I probably would forget about this in the next couple of weeks, but as long as you're not expecting too much, it's a pretty nice film to watch.

Movie Review: Tower Heist Reviewed by DAM on 4:59 PM Rating: 5

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