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Olympics of Reality Singing Shows 2015: The Honorable Mentions

On it's third year, the Olympics of Reality Singing Shows is back! Last year, DAM NATION made things a little interactive with an extended help from seven [7] reality singing show aficionados. This year, we made things even grander and bigger. 

1 - The pool of awesome performances expanded not just from the usual suspects - American Idol, The Voice US, and X Factor UK - but from 27 different editions across 14 countries.

2 - The jury now consists of 30 people from different countries. Some were invited and some signed up when DAM NATION opened up the field to more reality singing show fans. 

3 - Results this year will be posted one at a time complete with scoreboards from the jury. Starting today, every performances that have been voted into the Top 25 will have their own post. 


Just so people know, DAM NATION gave the jury a shortlist of 60 performances and asked them to rank according to their personal preferences. Tallied the scores up, and came up with a definitive list of 25 Best Reality Singing Show Performances of 2015. Sounds fun right?

First, let's get on with the five [5] honorable mentions!

30. Lemon Tree
Will Jay
The Voice China 4

One can't deny Will Jay's incredible charisma. Sure, the song choice didn't stretch his vocals to greater heights, but his pitch was, for the most part, on point, the energy he infused with the song was infectious, his pure lovely tone along with his adorable stage presence was enough for the jury to include him in the list of honorable mentions. 


29. Mama Knows Best
Sarina-Joi Crowe
American Idol 14

This was Sarina-Joi Crowe at her finest! Some people on our panel find her early elimination at 12th place completely shocking given the sheer vocal control and horsepower this diva has in her arsenal. She showcased a good amount of dynamics and some youthful energy, which complemented her flawless pitch. 


28. Samson
Korin Bukowski & Chase Kerby
The Voice US 9

Underrated! I didn't think Samson had enough ground to actually push itself in the upper tier, but the panel saw something special in this duet battle. Their voices sounded great together - Koryn's wistful and lilting sound complemented Chase's delicate almost sparse vocals - the harmonies were sublime and it was captivating. 


27. You're The One That I Want
Jess & Matt
X Factor Australia 7

This dark re-arrangement of the song worked very well for Jess & Matt and that propelled them to this list. The mid tempo synth was a pleasant surprise, their harmonies were tight, and the solos were strong - Jess, in particular, sounded ethereal.


26. Shake It Off
Nathan Hawes
The Voice Australia 4

One of the more polarizing performances on the list. A lot of people hated it, but there were also a good number of people who voted for it. To some, he turned the song completely upside down that it's totally unrecognizable considering the theme of the song. To others, it was a calculated risk worth taking. The melody was still somehow intact and his connection to the material made this a lot more riveting than expected. 

*Scoreboard - Ranking of each jury per performance. 1 to 60 with 1 being the best/highest. 


Olympics of Reality Sings Shows: The Honorable Mentions
Olympics of Reality Sings Shows: The Honorable Mentions
Posted by THE DAM NATION on Thursday, December 31, 2015

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