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American Idol 15: Auditions Part 2

GOOD LORD! How did this happen? This has to be one of the strongest audition episodes on American Idol EVER! Sure, there were a couple of head scratchers, but for the most part, the auditions were SOLID. Did you just notice how I overused the all caps? Haha.

Hopefully, things will build up from here because if American Idol is about to go out, I want them to end on a high. Thank you very much.

On with the show!

Cameron Richard
Gimme Love
His tone may sound a little too thin and slightly nasal, but the sweet spot of his voice sounded golden. Not sure if he's strong enough to get into the live shows, but there's potential to this kid. 6

Daniel Farmer
How Does It Feel
I was genuinely expecting him to suck - given the edit he got prior to his audition - but as soon as he opened his mouth, I was sold. Yes, he was a bit too much with all the grinding and what not, but his vocals were fantastic, his falsetto was solid, and his character matched his level of talent. Smooth and very soulful. 8

Dalton Rapattoni
Phantom of the Opera
Aside from the fact that he looked like an animated character, Dalton's take on this Andrew Lloyd Weber tune was really interesting. He showed a strong handle of pitch, his voice got a nice hint of edge, and he's incredibly charismatic. He will be a dangerous contestant if he gets into the voting round. 8

LaPorsha Renae
Strong vocals. Fantastic dynamics. Great control. LaPorsha may not be any different from the past divas that auditioned for the show, but she's that good that I didn't really mind. She's that type of singer that has a place in the competition. 8

Trent Harmon
To be perfectly honest, I wasn't expecting much from Trent as I figured he's probably one of those country singers this season - just watch him talk about his farm, cows, and vegetables - but as soon as he mentioned Allen Stone, I died. I was with Jennifer Lopez freaking out with his audition. His transitions sounded seamless, his tone was gorgeously soulful, and he's a very likable guy! Trent is basically a prototype of what the usual audience of this show is going to show up and vote for in large numbers. 9.5

Brooke Sample
Cold Day in July
She's a bit of a mess from her interview down to how she presented herself during the actual audition, but her smoky tone was absolutely captivating and beautiful. Yes, I somehow enjoyed her self-deprecating attitude like Jennifer Lopez said, but I hope the shtick ends here. It could get old really fast. 8

Olivia Rox
When I Was Your Man
She's like a likable version of Jax. Haha. I didn't expect much from her, but how she took her time with the melody and just deliver the song with so much emotional deft was pretty impressive. She's one to watch. Really. 8.5

Melanie Tierce
Rise Up
AMAZING. First note and I'm done. Her tone sounded absolutely divine, the dynamics was impressive, and I felt everything when she sang. She's clearly something else. Something special. 9.5

Malie Delgado
Other than the forced rap she strangely placed in the middle of the song, her vocals were pretty tight if a bit generic. Not sure how far she'll last given the strong list of talented girls this year. 6

Brandyn Burnett
Why was Harry hugging the spotlight again? He ruined the moment! Ugh. Brandyn, though nothing particularly special with his voice, sounded great with his original song. I'm wondering though how he'd be able to separate himself from the rest of the pack. 7

Krysti Jewel
Mama Knows Best
No. She can sing, but she's just WAY TOO LOUD. 3

Tristan McIntosh
Why Baby Why
I cried. Not sure if I'm just really emotional recently or just how everything was presented. Yes, that bit where her mom suddenly appeared was a good heartwarming moment, but let's not forget how she sang beautifully the song. There's a maturity to her delivery that's pretty impressive for her age, and the clarity to her voice was just lovely. Another contender! 9
American Idol 15: Auditions Part 2 Reviewed by DAM on 3:13 AM Rating: 5

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