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American Idol 15: Top 24 (Group 2) All-Star Duets & Results

David Cook! Haley Reinhart! Jordin Sparks! Chris Daughtry! Kellie Pickler! Ok, there's also Constantine Maroulis. But really, this episode was awesome. Almost everyone delivered great performances, but more importantly, provided some needed nostalgia - especially when Kellie Pickler mentioned that she was on the show 10 years ago. Has it been that long?

Oh, and American Idol producers. Please stop the blatant manipulations and attempts to control the outcome of the farewell season with you playing favorites. That's what ruined the show a couple of seasons back. Please.

On with the show!

12. Tristan McIntosh (with Kellie Pickler)
Best Days of Your Life
Holy pitchy mess! 2

11. Lee Jean (with Chris Daughtry)
That weak falsetto ruined his performance. 4

10. Jenn Blosil (with Constantine Maroulis)
My Funny Valentine
Please be good next week! 5

9. Manny Torres (with Jordin Sparks)
No Air
He almost had me. 7

8. CJ Johnson (with David Cook)
The World I Know
Good, but I was expecting for them to rock out! 7

7. Olivia Rox (with David Cook)
Light On
Stop smiling, goddammit! 7

6. Amelia Eisenhauer (with Kellie Pickler)
Suds In A Bucket
So. Much. Fun. 7.5

5. Kory Wheeler (with Haley Reinhart)
Bennie & The Jetts

4. Dalton Rapattoni (with Chris Daughtry)
Higher Ground
Slow down, firecracker! Haha. 8

3. Shelbie Z (with Constantine Maroulis)
Bohemian Rhapsody
What do you mean by you didn't understand her point of view while singing this, Harry? Did you get Tristan's point of view with Good Girl or even Gianna's I Put A Spell On You? Why the hate? 8.5

2. Adam Lasher (with Haley Reinhart)
Can't Help Fallin' In Love
Shut up and take my money, Haley! You may come along, Adam. Ha. 8.5

1. Trent Harmon (with Jordin Sparks)
To Love Somebody
Thank You, Jordin! Someone finally said something about Trent's vibrato and the final product was immaculate. If only Nick said something about Thomas, I'd be a happy camper. 9

Lee Jean
Olivia Rox
Jenn Blosil
Dalton Rapattoni
Manny Torres
Tristan McIntosh
Trent Harmon

Shelbie Z
CJ Johnson
Kory Wheeler
Amelia Eisenhauer
Adam Lasher

Why am I not surprised that the older contestants were sent packing in the last two weeks? In one swoop, they were all eliminated and we're left with talented, but inexperienced kids. It's like having Daniel Seavey, Lazaro Arbos, Aaron Kelly, Chicken Little, and Sanjaya Malakar in a shortened season. Why? To me, Tristan McIntosh is fading really fast and she's obviously not ready for the primetime and Lee Jean, though improving, was no better than say Kory Wheeler, Shelbie Z, or even CJ Johnson. I don't think Manny Torres deserves that spot, but I digress. I'm thrilled that they gave Jenn Blosil another shot after a huge misstep the other night. 

American Idol 15: Top 24 (Group 2) All-Star Duets & Results Reviewed by DAM on 3:07 AM Rating: 5

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