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American Idol 15: Top 4

We have our Top 4!

This is why I love American Idol. I was almost resigned to the idea that La'Porsha Renae will win the title with absolutely no competition. I genuinely thought she had this in the bag, but after tonight, I'm not so sure. Trent Harmon is coming in strong - like a storm hitting another storm - and I'm not mad. The fact that I'm now entertaining the fact that the remaining guys could take this thing is testament to them trying to steal away with the title. Yes, even with MacKenzie Bourg and Dalton Rapattoni. Heck, I'm even scared that La'Porsha might end up in 4th place the same way Chris Daughtry, LaToya London, and Tamyra Gray ended their journey on the show. 

This is what a race looks like people, and thank you to Steven Van Zandt and the dementedly delightful Sia for pushing these kids to their full potential. 

On with the show!


04. MacKenzie Bourg
I Want You To Want Me
In a night where the performances were mainly solid to great, MacKenzie's one-two punch of 'meh' performances left a bad taste in my mouth. Look, he wasn't terrible, but MacKenzie was, simply, the only contestant to not take a step forward. I Want You To Want Me didn't have the energy the song desired, his vocals sounded too weak when the band kicked in, and there was zero spark to the performance itself. Sad. 5

03. La'Porsha Renae
Wanted Dead Or Alive
La'Porsha's take on this Bon Jovi classic was very intense, but never really went anywhere. I don't know. There was no climatic build, the lyrics flub killed the amazing energy of the song, and I just didn't buy the interpretation. At this point, I need La'Porsha to take some more risks. She's solid and I'm NEVER worried that she's going to disappoint me, but I'm starting to lose my expectation that she might surprise me. That's not a good place to be. On a program like American Idol, America have to see you transform. America have to see a journey. Take a few more swings and aim for the fences. 6.5

02. Dalton Rapattoni
God Only Knows
While I hated the fact that Dalton was absently strolling around that stage when he should have planted his feet on one spot, I can't deny the fact that this was easily one of his best vocals this season. God Only Knows really played to his strengths, his pitch was more consistent than before, and it was a smart, but simple performance. 7

01. Trent Harmon
Sharp Dressed Man
Well, look who's making another break in front of the pack. I seriously loved his interpretation of this classic. He showcased creativity in the arrangement, the energy was palpable, his vocals were outstandingly on point, and it was an all around total rockstar performance that oozed charisma. I can see it. Trent is hungry for the win and I bet he's absolutely sick and tired of being in La'Porsha's shadow. Haha. He looked like an absolutely heavy hitter with this performance and I love it. 9.5


04. MacKenzie Bourg
It wasn't that MacKenzie had a bad week. It was that he had a lazy week. Both of his performances felt half-baked, not thought out, and not imbued with any personal passion. Titanium, on paper, could've been another hit for him, but it ended up being vocally capable that lacked any emotional heft. This was bland around the edges and while I appreciated him stretching his vocals, it still wasn't good enough. 6.5

03. La'Porsha Renae
Elastic Heart
What happened? The fireworks I've come to expect from La'Porsha's performances just weren't there tonight. Don't get me wrong. I thought Elastic Heart was certainly a very good one. She was having fun, she was connected, she proved she can be modern, she was creative, and she showcased herself as a complete package instead of just a strong singer. It's just that every week, she has taken a step forward in the hopes of becoming the final American Idol.. until now. This week, she just stayed put. She didn't go backwards, but she certainly didn't move forward. 8

02. Dalton Rapattoni
Bird Set Free
Dalton delivered another powerful emotional performance and it was quite riveting. Sure, the vocals were imperfect, but it was restrained, pleading, and a strong display of his ability to emote the lyrics of a song. More than anything, I thought the intensity carried the performance and made it what it was. He surprised me this week and hands down, his best performance to date. 8

01. Trent Harmon
Trent, on the other hand, was on a rare form tonight. Effortless. Exquisite. Vocal. The control he has over his instrument was second to none in this competition and the choice of Chandelier was risky though smart thing to do since this showed a bit more texture and lyrical connection. There was something about him tonight that had me entranced. He stirred something emotionally in me that I've never felt when I heard this song before. It was like I was hearing the lyrics for the first time and it proved that he's a fantastic interpreter. This was an impeccable contrast to his first performance and he certainly delivered the best of both worlds. 9.5 

Sonika Vaid

MacKeznie Bourg

MacKenzie Bourg
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