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The Voice US 11: Blind Auditions Part 2

So. Much. Better.

Last night was a good episode, but somehow, the show seemed to pack the really talented ones tonight with some pretty spectacular voices. Oh, and I'm still loving both Miley and Alicia. They balances out Adam and Blake really well. I particularly like Miley's humor and Alicia's profound thoughts.

Not going to lie, I'm getting excited for this season!

On with the show!

Drown In My Own Tears
No, she's not anywhere different from some of the dive belters we've seen over and over again, but there's something about Sa'Rayah that had me taking a second look. Her vocals were killer and the wailing was powerful, but more than that, her ability to convey emotions and deliver it with so much passion was stellar. She took me to the church with this performance and back. 8.5

Ethan Tucker
He has this interesting gravel sound to his voice, but I didn't really care much for his reggae infused version of the song as it also didn't go nowhere. 6

Wé McDonald
Feeling Good
First note and I was sold. Wé has a strong alto voice that could transcend a song into something special. The way she tackled the song was impressive, her vocal choices were informed, and how she transition to a much higher register sounded seamless. Could she be the one? I'm not sure, but I'm going to watch out for this girl. Plus, the contrast of her singing voice to her speaking voice reminded me so much of Paris Bennett. 9

Andrew DeMuro
Vocally, Andrew's fine. He's not bad, to be honest, but there's nothing about Andrew's audition that screams STAR! He's just a guy who can sing and that's about it. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't last that long in the competition. 5.5

Billy Gilman
When We We're Young
I have to be honest, I don't know any of Billy's music prior to The Voice - although I know he was already a Grammy nominee when he was a kid and the youngest country singer to hit Top 40 - but that doesn't diminish the simple fact that he has an outstanding set of pipes. The way he navigated the Adele track with ease was damn impressive, his range was spectacular, and I thought his pitch was solid. Can he be the male counterpart of Alisan Porter? We'll see. 9

Sophia Urista
Come Together
There's so much character to her voice that it was almost too distracting. Yes, she has a good rock voice with interesting vocal inflections, but needs coaching on how to control some of the nuances. I can sense though that she can really put on a show and that's exciting. 7

Brendan Fletcher
There were clearly nerves, but his raspy soulful tone was good enough reason to watch out for this guy. I liked that it was understated but had enough dynamics for his not to sound monotonous. I also thought the song choice did him well. 7.5

Dan Shafer
Marry Me
I did not expect that! There's a smoothness to his voice that sounded like butter - especially his lovely falsetto - and I couldn't believe that he's at his age now. Very nice. 7

Lauren Diaz
If I Ain't Got You
I'm not usually a fan of this overdone Alicia Keys' hit, I honestly though Lauren smashed her version of the song. No, it wasn't as brilliant as Alicia, but there's some good amount of horsepower and her vocals got stronger as the song progressed. 8
The Voice US 11: Blind Auditions Part 2 Reviewed by DAM on 3:20 AM Rating: 5

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