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The Voice US 11: Blind Auditions Part 4

What is happening? We're four episodes in and there's still no clear favorite from the producers that's been hyped to high heavens. Don't get me wrong. I've seen a good amount of people worthy of winning the season, but it's just odd that we don't have the Sawyer Fredericks, Jordan Smith, Alisan Porter of the season yet. Could this be the season where we actually get excited on who will win and not just a march to the Finale by the "Chosen One"?

On with the show!

Aaron Gibson
Losing My Religion
Aaron has an undeniably unique tone. The rasp almost gravel sound to him made this interesting. The vibrato could be lessen though, but the arrangement made it a lot more palatable. I'll have to see what else he has to offer. 7

Simone Gundy
I (Who Have Nothing)
Why was I so underwhelmed? Maybe because I've heard exemplary versions of the one-two-three punch of American Idol's Jordin Sparks, Haley Reinhart and Candice Glover that this rendition paled in comparison. Her transition to those high notes were jarring and it didn't feel as effortless as expected. 6

Josh Gallagher
Stay A Little Longer
He has a radio ready country sound, but that's about it. Nothing distinct that would make me take a second look. 6.5

Gabriel Violett
Treat You Better
I did not expect that. At first, I thought he started with a key lower than it should be, but the way he shifted to his higher register was seamless. I was impressed at how he made the song bigger than it actually is and the runs he did were particularly tasteful. Not sure if his tone is something I'd like to listen all the time, but he's interesting. 7.5

Michael Sanchez
Use Me
This was pretty good. I enjoyed his soulful tone with a bit of edge to it and he actually sold the song to me - as if it was his own song. Can he stand out in the next coming rounds? We'll see. 7

Darby Walker
Stand By Me
Her affected singing kind of annoyed me including her fast vibrato. I don't know. She can definitely sing, but I'm pretty sure she'll be one of those contestants that goes a long way and is there to infuriate me to no end. Haha. 6

Austin Allsup
Wild Horses
Eh. This was ok, but again, nothing exciting. It's like I've heard him before somewhere. He could be Blake's token country boy though. 6.5

Khaliya Kimberlie
She maybe a little too young and needed a little more time to actually come into her own as an artist, but based on this blind audition alone, she has the potential to be someone very marketable. I wonder what direction will Miley take her. 7

Halle Tomlinson
New York State of Mind
Beautiful. There's an effortlessness in her delivery that gave this blind audition some refreshing ease. Her phrasing was impeccable, her tone sounded fantastic, and it was just an easy listening performance. Love it. 8.5

Nolan Neal
Tiny Dancer
This was a solid blind audition, but I'm not sure if it's worthy to be a four-chair turn and a standing ovation from all the coaches. Yes, his vocals were good and he has quite a range, but it's not something to jump up and down. Maybe it's just me? 7.5
The Voice US 11: Blind Auditions Part 4 Reviewed by DAM on 3:23 AM Rating: 5

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