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X Factor UK 13: Top 9

There was A LOT of things to be afraid of in this episode - Honey G is one - but to be honest, I thought we just saw two of the best performances of the season. Not kidding. Something about the horrors of Fright Night made them better than usual. Of course, there's still Honey G, but I honestly don't care at this point.

On with the show!

09. Honey G
Men In Black
No. N/A

08. 5 After Midnight
Just like last week, the performance was a lot better than the vocals. I thought their vocals were weak and even the heavy backtrack was unable to save it. Sure, the production was quite stellar, but that can only do so much. Hands down, their worst performance to date. 4

07. Four of Diamonds
While they too had help from the heavy backtrack - especially during the chorus - the entire performance was fine. The vocals were decent with minor pitch issues here and there, the staging was subtle but effective, and they looked like a legitimate girl group. It was just too mediocre for my taste though. 5

06. Sam Lavery
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Look, Sam Lavery's vocals were mostly good, but there's something about her technique that I'm just not loving - not sure if it's her modulation or her phrasing. This was good, but incredibly underwhelming and for a song with this intensity, it came off a little too bland. She needs to be memorable or she'll leave early in the competition. 6.5

05. Ryan Lawrie
This has to be Ryan's best performance to date and yet still oddly lackluster. Sure, I get that he doesn't have the biggest and best voice in the competition, but his so-so performance skills couldn't save it either. The only thing that saved this performance was the intensity that I saw in him. Ryan seems like a good kid and I can feel that he wants this. Sadly, there's just way too many people better than him. 6.5

04. Gifty Louise
I'm In Love With A Monster
She sure love Fifth Harmony no? To me, this was vocally a lot better than That's My Girl and she really looked like she was having fun. Her stage presence was excellent, her vocals were great, and I was impressed at how she found a way to make the song a lot bigger than it actually was. I'm afraid performing first will hurt her, but I hope not. 8

03. Saara Aalto
Bad Romance
She's so weird, and I love it! Haha. Saara managed to put the crazy once again and I thought she absolutely nailed it. She was able to held on to those superb vocals while literally running around the stage. She's a total performer blessed with a fantastic vocal instrument and I'm hoping UK will back her up. 8.5

02. Matt Terry
I Put A Spell On You
GAME. FREAKIN. OVER. Can we just finish this whole thing and crown him now? No, he didn't top this week's ranking, but with the level of most of his performances, he's totally unbeatable. Of course, I maybe wrong, but I digress. Matt's rendition of I Put A Spell On You was every bit dramatic and indulgent, but I didn't mind. His vocals were outstanding, those runs were impeccable, and the staging was both strange and compelling. 9

01. Emily Middlemas
Quite frankly, her vocals weren't as strong and flawless as Matt, but what clinched Emily the top spot was her delivery and the perfect production. The arrangement, I thought, was brilliant as it highlighted her ability as a vocalist without going under or over her range, the production was genius, and her delivery had the rawness and vulnerability that I haven't seen on this show this season - maybe since Christian Burrows' audition. I wish it didn't happen during Fright Night because I would've loved to watch this without the crazy costume and make up.. but whatever. 9

Honey G

Four of Diamonds 
X Factor UK 13: Top 9 Reviewed by DAM on 3:37 AM Rating: 5

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