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X Factor Australia 8: Top 5

Let me react first from last week's elimination: What the actual f#&$! Really? Chynna went home and Vlado wasn't even in the Bottom 3? After the hot mess that was Thriller? I'm calling it. Vlado will be the last winner of X Factor Australia. I mean, if he survived Thriller, there's nothing that will ever eliminate him. 

This week, the remaining five (5) contestants tackled a killer track and a curveball songs - something they are and they are not comfortable performing, which was the case, but I digress. That said, there were a couple of compelling performances and some mediocre ones. 

On with the show!


05. Davey Woder
Fortunate Son
I didn't mind Davey's vocals on Fortunate Son - in fact, I thought he sounded really solid - but what absolutely threw me off from the performance was his terrible diction. Other than the familiar chorus, I didn't understand most of his words. The verses were a muddled mess. I don't know. This would've been a great impassioned performance that was ruined by his atrocious enunciation. 5

04. Amalia
I had high hopes that she'll be able to pull this one off, but I felt like she struggled with the higher notes. She masked it with her constant shift to her falsetto, but it gave the entire performance a disjointed sound. The verses sounded good though and that's somehow her only saving grace on Brave. 5

03. Vlado
Perfect Strangers
I've NEVER been a fan of Vlado or any of his performances, but I cannot deny the fact that this has to be his best vocals on the show. I thought his pitch remained consistent, his rhythm and timing was on point, and he didn't sound as shrill as usual. Also, his stage presence was great. This made me believe that he has the potential to be a big Australian popstar. Opperative word: Australian. 7

02. Beatz
Very nice. This was the perfect song choice for Beatz. It was fun, it had the right amount of energy, and it was dynamic enough to pull some interesting vocal choices. The little choreography here and there were brilliant, I thought they sounded terrific, and the harmonies were solid. Downright entertaining. 8

01. Isaiah Firebrace
A Change Is Gonna Come
Ladies and gentlemen, you're X Factor Australia 2016 Winner! No, I don't think the staging was all that, but I didn't care as Isaiah's voice totally sold me this performance. The modulation of his voice was outstanding, his pitch was fantastic, and his delivery and connection was stellar. This was his shining moment! *drops mic* 9


05. Davey Woder
Billie Jean
I have always been obsessed with David Cook's version of this song that anything after that will pale in comparison, and I was right. Davey may have the right emotions to pull this off, but his vocals was just a hot mess. The grit of his voice was too much and he struggled hitting the notes towards the end of the performance. Was it emotions? I don't know, but he didn't sound good to me. 5

04. Vlado
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
He sounded more Britney than Whitney. Enough said. 6

03. Amalia
On paper, this should've worked for her, but all the lifting and harness made it uncomfortable. I knew that she was having a hard time singing while flying mid-air and it was just unfortunate. No, the first verse weren't all that either, but it was better than when she started sashaying on air. This was another missed opportunity for Amalia. Sad. 6.5

02. Isaiah Firebrace
I was a little worried with the song choice at first, but the different tempo of the song made it a lot more interesting. It gave the viewers a different view of Isaiah as a contemporary performer and not just someone who could brilliantly belt out a classic song. No, this was not his best performance to date, but he killed it nonetheless. 8

01. Beatz
Walk This Way
Not going to lie, I had a hard time figuring out how Beatz will tackle this song, but the pop arrangement gave it an unexpected lift. I don't know. It sounded really good to my ears. The vocals were fantastic, the harmonies were solid, and the staging and how they moved around the stage felt really polished. Was this enough to send them to the Finale. I'm not sure. 8.5

Davey Woder

X Factor Australia 8: Top 5 Reviewed by DAM on 3:41 AM Rating: 5

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