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X Factor Australia 8: Top 7

This week, it's Australia's song choice and it was probably the most stressful thing for these finalists to prepare two performances, but eventually just perform one. The performances ranged from godawful to impressive and I'm not complaining. I'm just annoyed that this season is going way too fast that I'm not able to appreciate all of them that well. I mean, in a couple of weeks, the last winner will be crowned and that's it.

On with the show!

07. Vlado
What the heck was that? Just when I thought Closer was his worst performance on the show, Thriller came and slapped that to submission. This was a hot mess! His voice throughout the song was way too shrill that his tone sounded terrible, his pitch was terrible, and his phrasing was horrendous. Yes, his stage presence somehow hindered this to become a total garbage, but disaster nonetheless. 3

06. Brentwood
Go Your Own Way
On paper, this was a fantastic choice from Australia, and while I thought the vocals were mostly better than the last couple of weeks, the band was way too loud that it drowned their voices during the chorus. If only they stripped it down, this would've worked. I'm not sure if Iggy is doing them any favor with all that's been happening with them. 5

05. Davey Woder
Working Class Man
Minus a good amount of pitch issues in his vocals, I thought Davey sounded good. His delivery was impassioned, I thought he connected with the material so well that it felt like he was about to have a breakdown, and it was believable. I'm still not a fan of his style though, but that's preference. 6

04. Isaiah Firebrace
Vocally, Isaiah sounded outstanding. His vocal choices to make it different was good, his phrasing was exquisite, and his pitch never faltered. I also thought he worked the stage really well, which I honestly didn't expect. I was a little too distracted with the whole styling and look that it took me away from the performance. Other than that, really good. 8

03. Chynna Taylor
Chynna was killer with the song and it was kind of refreshing to watch her have fun on stage. The first half was good, but when she kicked it up a notch at the middle section, her voice soared. I liked how she put some grit to her voice towards the end and that belted note as well. She did hit a couple of iffy notes, but I digress. 8.5

02. Amalia
Mamma Mia
I didn't see this one coming and it was pretty riveting. One of my main concerns with Amalia since Bootcamp was her ability to tackle uptempo songs since we've never really saw her take one, but she just proved that she had enough rhythm and power to deliver one. I was a little worried at first as I felt like she was about to do another slowed down version of a song, but when the band kicked in and she started working the stage, I was living for it. Her vocals choices in the middle was unexpectedly good, and how she infused her almost theatre-like phrasing worked well with the song choice. This was really good. 8.5

01. Beatz
Single Ladies
While there were a couple of flawed vocal moments here and there, this was probably their best live performance to date. Really. The harmonies were gorgeously tight, the choreography was impeccable, and just the whole staging of the performance looked incredibly polished. The solos could've been a lot better, but I didn't really care. This, to me, was the best performance of the night and I'm hoping for another week from them. 9


X Factor Australia 8: Top 7 Reviewed by DAM on 3:41 AM Rating: 5

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