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Orphan Black: Season 4

This was a huge improvement from the mess that was Season 3. It went back to basics and it worked to their advantage. Oh, and Tatiana Maslany was outstandingly brilliant as always as she masterfully played all the character with great ease. Up to this point, I still can't wrap my head around the idea that one person plays most of the characters in this series. Bravo!

- Episode Guide and Ratings -

Episode 1: The Collapse of Nature
A flashback to Beth Childs' final investigation, days before her suicide.

Episode 2: Transgressive Border Crossing
After fleeing Iceland, Sarah begins searching for M.K. and uncovers new clues to Beth's breakdown. Scott learns Kendall Malone is hiding something.

Episode 3: The Stigmata of Process
As Sarah scrambles to learn more about her implant, Alison and Donnie take a drastic step to help. Meanwhile, Kira has a disturbing vision.

Episode 4: From Instinct to Rational Control
While Cosima examines Leekie's body, Felix and Donnie pose as a couple to learn more about a fertility clinic. Sarah discovers M.K. has her own agenda.

Episode 5: Human Raw Material
A risky cover mission at Brightborn yields several big surprises. The rift between Sarah and Felix grows as she checks up on Adele.

Episode 6: The Scandal of Altruism
Cosima admits doubt about finding a cure, which causes Sarah to make a drastic decision that exposes Kendall to people she has been trying to hide from. Elsewhere: Art and Felix try to protect Krystal Godderitch from herself.

Episode 7: The Antisocialism of Sex
Sarah goes back to old habits to cope with her decisions and Cosima attempts a Hail Mary back at the lab.

Episode 8: The Redesign of Natural Objects
Neolution threats continue, terrifying Alison and causing Mrs. S to question her loyalty to the sestras. Elsewhere: Siobhan seeks vengeance while Cosima and Susan Duncan make a final attempt to find a cure.

Episode 9: The Mitigation of Competition
Sarah and Rachel join forces for the greater good when both end up under the heel of a new HBIC and Cosima and Susan argue about the ethics of human experiments.

Episode 10: From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths
Alliances are shattered between Sarah and Rachel as Cosima is cut off from communication and the Neolution moves in. Later: Sarah sets a trap for a high-ranking Neolutionist in hopes of bring it down for good.


*Episode synopses are from IMDB.
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