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Movie Review: Kita Kita

Effortlessly funny. Exceedingly charming. Tearfully poignant. Kita Kita was a refreshing change to a sea of sloppily sentimental and terribly formulaic romantic comedy films. The narrative was compelling and different, the script - for the most part - was good, and the look of the film was absolutely stunning with Sapporo as the gorgeous backdrop. The choice of lead actors was also quite inspired with Alessandra Da Rossi and Empoy delivering some superb performance to their roles. The chemistry was shockingly endearing despite the contrast of their characters and both were suitably quirky and funny. The unnecessary twist towards the end came off a little creepy though than romantic, which somehow pulled out of the story quite a bit and made me question if I was officially dead inside. Haha. But I digress. Kita Kita, while flawed, was a thoroughly delightful romantic comedy film that somehow avoided most of the genre's cliches without ever coming off as a smug or cynical exercise in style. Oh, and that final sequence was just heartbreaking.

Movie Review: Kita Kita Reviewed by DAM on 11:49 PM Rating: 5

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