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The Voice Teens Philippines: First Live Show [Team Lea & Team Sharon]

DAM Nation has covered almost all reality singing shows from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, and even  all live shows of The Voice Philippines (except kids) and X Factor Philippines. So, yes, why not continue this with The Voice Teens Philippines and dive down the proverbial rabbit hole in the quest to find a new recording superstar capable of taking the Philippine music industry by storm.

How did everyone do last night? I thought it was mostly a mixed bag of performances but a pretty solid first live show nonetheless. Sure, there were some missteps here and there, but we finally had a chance to see which contestants were smart and which ones believed in their own hype. The stage looked great, although I would've liked it if they just drop the distracting dancers. A good backdrop was all they needed, to be perfectly honest.

Anyway, I’ve been waiting to get to my traditional ratings for weeks now since the show started. Here's a quick reminder on what I look for: strong vocals, unique qualities, artistic merit, strategic decisions, emotional connection, appearance and stage presence. Which contestant last night got to bolster their case of why he/she should win The Voice Teen Philippines? It's nothing scientific, of course, but whatever.

Here we go!


03. Patricia Luna
Fix You
I was seriously hoping that Patricia would be able to pull an upset with the more popular contestants on Team Lea, but she just faltered. On paper, the song choice would've been THE absolute showstopper and, to be fair, it started like it was going to be just that until the band and back up vocals came in and ate her alive. It was unfortunate because her vocal tone sounded gorgeous on the verses, but she just wasn't able to lift her voice above the booming sound that it flushed her out. Sad. 6

02. Mica Becerro
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Vocal range? Impressive. Transitions? Effortless. Intonation? Good. Technically, Mica's version of Bridge of Trouble Water was really good. She managed to infuse her style to the song seamlessly and it was a strong vocal performance. That being said, there was something about it that didn't entirely connect with me. Not sure if it was just the fact that I wasn't a fan of her genre, but parts of it pulled me out of her performance. 7

01. Chan Millanes
His voice will NEVER match the vocal dexterity of Mica or the unique timbre of Patricia's tone, but both can't have his innate and palpable charisma. I mean, he missed the cue at the beginning of the song and yet, it became unnoticed because he tried to charm his way out of it and it worked. That's not to say he's not a talented vocalist because those runs he did towards the end was risky but executed properly. I would've liked it to be a little more precise, but I digress. I thought he had the right mix of vocal talent, versatility, and appeal that could very well be deadly in this competition. 7.5

Patricia Luna


03. Alessandra Galvez
The Way We Were
Quite frankly, I'm usually the one who prefer genuine emotions over flawless pitch, but there are moments where one shouldn't let the emotions overpower the entire performance that it becomes a total wreck. No, Alesaandra's The Way We Were wasn't a horrible by any means, but she needed to keep it together because as soon as she lost her grip on her emotions, everything just went all over the place. 5.5

02. Christy Lagapa
Not going to lie, Christy would've been easily topping Team Sharon if she didn't cop out and her way with the chorus. That's the climax of the song, which she excellently heightened with a strong and controlled delivery of the verses, only to be executed on a falsetto. Why? It was like watching someone sing Dream On and not do the high part, which was the main meat of the song. Good thing, the rest of the song were too good to disregard especially her rich lush tone. 6.5

01. Jeremy Glinoga
How Did You Know
Was it perfect? Hardly especially some of his vocal choices towards the end, but one can't deny the fact that he delivered a solid vocal performance. There was sincerity in his delivery, his passion was apparent, and his vocals were mostly on point. I think he needs to take some more risks moving forward though to just separate himself from the rest, but for now, this was a strong effort from Jeremy. 7

Alessandra Galvez
The Voice Teens Philippines: First Live Show [Team Lea & Team Sharon] Reviewed by DAM on 10:00 AM Rating: 5

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