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Music Release: Charli XCX - Boys "is a pop, retro gem."

Charli XCX, Boys

Charli XCX released her new single Boys and it is a pop, retro gem. At first listen, it will keep you on the surface in terms of lyric play but the single is subverting and a breath of fresh air. Boys boasts a retro vibe that relies mostly on Charli's vocals that is obviously not the most rangy yet works well with its rhythmic backtrack. The production is simple that ranges from an urban-R&B slow jams to a bubblegum bop pop.

If there is something to be noted with the track, probably some sense of dynamics - like a rap verse or maybe an additional 20-30 seconds to establish a crescendo. Still, the track has a solid, subtle hook and a catchy repetitive chorus. It manages to establish a sense of authority and ground without any force. Boys is the pop song you thought you never needed in your life. It is a vibe-y, funky slow jam that is simply bops and commanding.

Download the song below:
Music Release: Charli XCX - Boys "is a pop, retro gem." Reviewed by Etan Musni on 6:34 PM Rating: 5

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