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The Voice US 13: Playoffs #TeamJHud

Lo and behold, Jennifer Hudson probably has one of the stronger teams this season and it was quite evident with the level of performances from her group. Somehow, I'm starting to believe that she's using the same pattern that got her the win on The Voice UK early this year and it's somehow working because not only is her team diverse, but they're vocally really good.

On with the show!

06. Lucas Holliday
The Beautiful Ones
I enjoyed some of his performances before he got eliminated, but this was a hot mess. I thought the all the craziness overshadowed some of his awesome vocal moments and the running around the stage didn't help either. How I wish he chose a different song to highlight all facets of his wonderful vocal instrument. 6

05. Hannah Mrozak
Learn To Let Go
If only she did "learn to let go".. Haha. Look, she did sound good with her rich tone and consistent intonation, but there's something quite stiff with her delivery. It was as if she was too intense and held back a lot during the entire performance. There's a carefree quality to the song when Kesha performed it and this was, umm, dull. 7

04. Shi'ann Jones
Tattooed Heart
Save for the missed note towards the end, Shi'ann version of this Ariana Grande track was really good. I thought she sounded great on those lower register, her modulation was good, and when she hit those falsetto, it was a pleasant surprise. She needs to harness her talent fast enough though because as of right now, she's still very raw. I'm pretty sure Jennifer can work with her on that. 7.5

03. Chris Weaver
California Soul
This was another strong performance from Chris with energy that could lit up an entire studio. His runs were impassioned but precise, his tone sounded gorgeous on the song, and it came off like he was already doing this for years. It's a bit of a throwaway as I don't think I'd remember this after a couple of episode, but solid nonetheless. 8

02. Davon Fleming
I Am Changing
Sublime! I've never really paid attention to Davon just because there were a couple of standouts this season, but the way he navigated the song with his voice was pretty impressive. The vocal dynamics was outstanding, his falsetto sounded divine, and there's a connection that's quite palpable. He did sound a bit strained towards the end with him reaching the limits of his upper range, but that's almost me nitpicking, because this was really strong. 9

01. Noah Mac
In The Air Tonight
So. Gorgeous. I know he's good, but this was something else. His low notes were fantastic - listen to it with phones - the intensity of his delivery matched the arrangement of the song, and those sparse growls were excellent touches. I have a feeling Jennifer Hudson has this sense of unfinished business after Jamie Miller didn't win during her stint on The Voice UK. Maybe she's grooming her to be that? 9

Davon Fleming
Noah Mac
Shi'ann Jones
The Voice US 13: Playoffs #TeamJHud Reviewed by DAM on 7:02 PM Rating: 5

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