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The Voice US 13: Top 12

It's Season 13's first live show and I thought most of them did well. As usual, the country artists are not my favorite - it's just a matter of taste at this point - and the people, which I thought would deliver really did. I'm still hoping for a fantastic live shows, so I hope everything goes well from here on out.

On with the show!

12. Adam Cunningham
Against All Odds
NO! 4

11. Red Marlow
The Church on Cumberland Road
Red has a decent country voice, but I just can't get behind him. This was a mediocre performance that I will not remember as soon as I'm done with this review. Sorry. 6

10. Ashland Craft
Delta Dawn
Look, Ashland has a good radio-ready country voice, but that's about it. There was nothing special, at least in her version of Delta Dawn, that would catapult her to a legitimate threat for the title. This was a serviceable throwaway performance and nothing else. 6.5

09. Davon Fleming
Love On Top
Did he bite off more than he can chew with this song choice? The first verse sounded great with his unique tone front and center, but as soon as he worked the stage, his vocals started to falter. It lacked a good amount of breath support and some modulation. He did the best he could with the song though and I didn't think he missed a lot of notes given the dancing, so yes, that was impressive to me. 6.5

08. Shi'Ann Jones
Vision of Love
Sure, her vocals lacked a certain degree of control especially towards the end where some of her runs went slightly off the rails, but as an overall performance, this was actually pretty riveting. I'm not sure if that was because I was so amazed by how much range she was able to showcase in that short amount of time, but she has the potential to be really good. Raw, but good. 7

07. Keisha Renee
Midnight Train To Georgia
Up until this point, I don't understand Keisha. Seriously. She's a fantastic vocalist, but I don't buy the schtick of her wanting to delve into country music. Her inflections and technique doesn't lend much to a country genre and the only thing that made her performances "country" were the arrangements. Midnight Train To Georgia was good, but I heard better versions. 7

06. Chloe Kohanski
Thank You
Not my favorite performance from Chloe, but the fact that her tone sounded both lush and rugged on the song was enough reason for me to rank her this high. I enjoyed the little tweak he did with the melody and rasp she infused here and there were quite clever. Now, as for the elephant in the room, what the heck was she wearing? 7

05. Jon Mero
Why I Love You
I admit, I've never been totally on Jon Mero's bandwagon the entire season, but this was a lovely nuanced vocal performance from him. The way he transitioned his voice sounded seamless, his lower register was rich, and he managed to reach his falsetto with ease. He did lose his control towards the end, but I digress. 7.5

04. Noah Mac
Speed of Sound
You know what's interesting about Noah? He sounded so retro yet contemporary. This was another solid performance from the kid and I expected nothing less. I found his demeanor and stage presence awkward and appealing, his vocals were strong, and the dynamic was great. He should work on his diction though, but other than that, he's what The Voice needs right now. 8

03. Brooke Simpson
Powerful. Brooke has been one of the most consistent vocalists this season and this proved that she can sing anything and give it justice. Praying is a tough song to sing - even Kesha had trouble performing it live - but her delivery seemed effortless. Plus, there was passion and intensity in her performance, which made this a compelling watch. 8.5

02. Addison Agen
She Used To Be Mine
Absolutely gorgeous. No, the performance wasn't perfect, but her tone alone was too beautiful that it complemented beautifully Sara Bareilles' She Used To Be Mine. I thought the verses were just excellent and how her stunning vocals navigated the simple melody gave me chills. There was a moment where she almost lost her focus when she was stepping down the stairs, but she quickly recovered and deliver one of the best performances of the night. 8.5

01. Janice Freeman
The Story
Damn! Again, I've never been a fan of Janice until the Playoffs and this was another outstanding number from her. What is happening? I don't usually enjoy performances from divas specifically on The Voice as I feel like they're all cookie cutter, but there's something about Janice that grabs my attention. She's more Amanda Brown than Sisaundra Lewis in my eyes. The rocked out arrangement was brilliant, her vocals were powerful, and she just exuded confidence tackling this song. Love it! 9

The Voice US 13: Top 12 Reviewed by DAM on 10:21 PM Rating: 5

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