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Movie Review: Downsizing

While the premise and concept of Downsizing was highly refreshing and absolutely fascinating, the execution of the film was overwhelmingly disappointing. Sure, the set up of the first act was downright exceptional, but as soon as Kristen Wiig's storyline ended, the story went chaotic and oddly preachy. It almost seemed like I was watching a totally different movie with a sudden shift of tone and narrative. The charm was gone, the plot just went crazy terrible, and the characters were insufferable. I know. I know. Hong Chau was praised for her performance as a Vietnames dissident, but I thought she was incredibly annoying and off tonally. Plus, I genuinely didn't care at all about Matt Damon's character. Downsizing was just a colossal missed opportunity. I couldn't even fully embraced it. Sigh.

Movie Review: Downsizing Reviewed by DAM on 5:26 PM Rating: 5

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