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Movie Review: Ralph Breaks The Internet

Ralph Breaks The Internet felt like Disney took the concept of The Emoji Movie and said, "Sony, let us fix that mess and show you how it's done!" Hahaha. No, this sequel wasn't as flawless as its predecessor - Wreck-It Ralph was just downright sensational - but there was absolutely a lot to love here. The humor and references were clever, the animation and characters were exuberant, it had a sharp social message, and the plot, while fairly simple, was witty and charming. The final act could've been a lot better though as I particularly didn't like the direction it took, but that's more of a personal taste than anything. Ralph Breaks The Internet was not without flaws, but it delivered on everything else - especially those BRILLIANT Disney Princesses bit.

Movie Review: Ralph Breaks The Internet Reviewed by DAM on 11:46 PM Rating: 5

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