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Movie Review: Bird Box

Bird Box was like the lovechild of The Happening and A Quiet Place - albeit better than the former, but worse than the latter. I don't know. The film created an outstandingly dark and eerie mood throughout the film, but I found parts of it highly problematic. For one, how the characters figured out things right off the bat was annoyingly convenient and unbelievable - nothing felt earned. The characters were written as cliched as possible and given the structure of the narrative, it actually spoiled the story away. There were still some effective tense moments here and there, but once they went back and forth with the flashbacks, the momentum was gone. Bird Box wasn't exactly bad, I actually though it was fairly done and I was riveted, but it was flawed. Oh, and Sandra Bullock was great!

Movie Review: Bird Box Reviewed by DAM on 10:36 PM Rating: 5

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