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Olympics of Reality Singing Shows 2018: The Honorable Mentions

Now on it's sixth year, Olympics of Reality Singing Shows (ORSS) is back ready to proclaim a new fantastic set of performances that conquered the reality singing shows on the television space.

DAM NATION assembled thirty five (35) reality singing show enthusiasts from different parts of the world to come up with a definitive list of the 25 Best Reality Singing Show Performances of the year from the biggest franchises across the globe and then some. We've considered performances from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania and more - we've got everything covered.

Now, let's begin the countdown with the five (5) performances that ALMOST made the cut.

Brynn Cartelli & Dylan Hartigan | The Voice US (Cycle 1)

So much unbridled enthusiasm! Brynn brought the supple and steady vocal horsepower, which was an interesting contrast to the groovy delivery and physicality of Dylan - a perfect balance that showed power and personality. Sure, some of the panel argued that the performance was nothing substantial other than them exuding life and energy, but that was what won the rest of the jury over enough to sneak their way into the honorable mentions this year.


29. Havana
Catie Turner | American Idol

Catie Turner's take on Camila Cabello's hit Havana showcased her clever, playful, and creative side. It all felt very cool and smart and the almost jazzy phrasing and vocal inflections made this a standout among some of the panel members.


28. Nothing Compares 2 U
Maddie Poppe | American Idol

The understated stripped down quality of the performance gave way to a soulful, plaintive authenticity as Maddie dug deeper into this Sinéad O'Connor song. It was flawless and enchanting, albeit a tad too simple to make a lasting impression. This divide was clear when seven (7) jury members ranked the performance in their Top 10 - even as high as second from one jury - but also received three (3) votes, which ranked it the bottom tier of the lot.


27. Want To Want Me
James Graham | The Four (Cycle 2)

Unlike most of James Graham's performances on The Four, Want To Want Me was that solid uptempo moment where he relaxed into and all of the weight on his shoulders melted away. He started having a bit of fun despite the pressure of defending his seat. His vocals soared on top of the energy he emanated that one jury even ranked this as the best performance of the year and five (5) more within their Top 10.


26. Nothing Compares 2 U
Glennis Grace | America's Got Talent

Glennis infused her rendition of Nothing Compares 2 U with enough unexpected pulsing flourishes into the melody and modern R&B riffs to separate it from the understated take of Maddie Poppe and both were glorious. Some did claim that this was the better version of the two and that six (6) of the jury even ranked this into their Top 3 of the year.


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