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Movie Review: Ad Astra

I expected Ad Astra to be more of a space movie, but what I got was a terrific character driven film. It looked gorgeous and confidently shot, the direction was good, and Brad Pitt was actually quite sublime here that he got me invested into his character. The pacing got a little sluggish given that the narrative was a definite slow burn, but I somehow didn't mind. If that's not your thing though, you'd probably get bored. As for the science in this movie, yes, most of it didn't make sense that some of the film's certain choices actually went against common knowledge, and I get why people will fault the film for that, but I somehow didn't mind. True, it pulled me out a bit in some cases, but I digress. Ad Astra will not be for everyone as some may find this incredibly boring, but I found the metaphor of this film and loved it.

Movie Review: Ad Astra Reviewed by DAM on 1:17 AM Rating: 5

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