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Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes

Although I do not know much about Sherlock Holmes, I thought that this was a hugely enjoyable film. Its sheer entertainment value was undeniable – something that will likely appeal to a younger crowd and those less familiar with prior incarnations of the story like me. Ha!

The casting of Robert Downey Jr. was a bit odd but I actually thought that he played his role to perfection. He was exceptional in providing an absolute charm and effervescent humor. His deadpan delivery was well-suited for the role and he never resorted into being over-the-top or a caricature of the character. Jude Law, meanwhile, provided a wonderful performance as a cool and competent sidekick. To me, he managed to be as interesting and watchable as the lead. Together, they have an indelible chemistry like an old married couple. Both inspired numerous banters and clever rebuttals to an unrelenting degree, letting many of the humor to pass unrealized – not that I was slow or anything. Haha.

In contrast, Rachel McAdams was gorgeous but her role was rather ambiguous. It was so stale and poorly written that I ignored her presence in most scenes. I have to hand it to her though as she seemed to be trying her best to bring the character to life. And as much as I like the villain, his character lacked dimension as well.

On technical merits, the movie didn’t disappoint. The film, I thought, was exceptionally shot, faultlessly rendered and carefully photographed. Gorgeous setting. Admirable costumes. Gritty effects. Ultimately, there were no blatant shortcuts in its cinematography. The musical score was quirky and posed as anything but generic.

Moreover, I found the direction of good quality. The brilliantly crafted action scenes were flawlessly executed without going overboard and never detracted anything from the movie. I also appreciated the way the story was told – non linear but not incomprehensible or overcomplicated. And yes, the film had its fair share of slow motion, but was used well within the context of the story.

One minor criticism though was that the movie already seemed like a sequel and felt as if I missed a previous installment – this could be seen though as either a good or a bad thing, very relative.

Taken as a whole, the movie wasn’t perfect. But as an introduction to the character for the younger audience, I have to say that it's the best I could have hoped for. A lot of smart banter. Stylized fights. High production values.

Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes Reviewed by DAM on 12:41 AM Rating: 5

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