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Movie Review: Alice In Wonderland

Muchness. Ha.

Having never really read the book/s and only having little to no memory of the old Disney cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland, all I knew going into this film was the gist of what the story was about. And no matter how different things may be this time around, I thought that it was still an interesting tale.

As far as the story goes, I personally thought that this was an interesting interpretation. I never really felt things got boring at any stage, which was refreshing. Yes, the storyline may be a little rushed and I would have liked a bit more time to explore the characters, but it worked fine for the movie. To me, the story ended at just the right moment and with a nice conclusion for the lead character.

The acting ensemble was actually noteworthy. Anne Hathaway was acting so odd that I actually found her portrayal quite arresting. Helena Bonham Carter, I thought, single-handedly made everything interesting. Her portrayal was both amusing and a total riot. Johnny Depp, on the other hand, played his role with his usual gusto. He clearly brought some energy and quirkiness to such an oddball character that I actually saw a hint of Willy Wonka and Jack Sparrow somewhere. And as for Alice, I found Mia Wasikowska to be a perfect cast for the lead role as she was able to carry the film surprisingly well despite all the amazing visuals and weird to wonderful characters in the story.

Visually, it was obviously amazing! I mean, its execution weren't as seamless as Avatar's but this must be the first movie I genuinely enjoyed after watching that said blockbuster. Here, I really liked Tim Burton's style where the world seemed so clean, lush and happy. He managed to create an amazing place, often colorful, but equally ravaged and desolate. It was undeniably a treat for the eyes, with the set pieces and design shining through the technology.

If any fault was to be found in the film, in my opinion the blame would be placed on the bar that was set way too high by Avatar with regard to the visuals. Previously, the computer generated effects present in this film would have knocked everyone's sock off, however, in a post-Avatar world, this was significantly underwhelming.

Nonetheless, I REALLY enjoyed this sparklingly fresh fantasy world of Alice!

Movie Review: Alice In Wonderland Reviewed by DAM on 12:26 AM Rating: 5

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