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Movie Review: The Back-Up Plan

Ok. I've seen a number of chick flicks but this was a surprisingly funny and definitely insightful film. And though predictable, I can say that it was marginally better than most of the movies produced under the same genre.

Yes. It may have that same old basic cliches here and there but I actually didn't mind. I found the movie really hilarious, interesting and I thought that the two lead characters were very well-rounded. It will definitely not win any awards for being deep but sometimes one just needs to laugh and be entertained and this film was able to do that.

The whole premise was too unrealistic though. I mean, some parts were utterly too good to be true. But if you can first suspend your disbelief that a man is able to fully commit to a woman pregnant with someone else's twins after just two dates then I don't think you'll have a problem with this film.

Of course, technically, one should not expect anything Oscar worthy for a chick-flick like this but I was glad that it managed to pull some technical efforts quite nicely. I thought the editing was decent and the musical score was appealing.

Also, I thought that the characters were all very engaging. Every single actor played their roles incredibly well. Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin had a very good couple chemistry. They were insanely hilarious - and sometimes cheesy - together.

Overall, it was a nicely done feel good movie. It's after all a romantic comedy film so one should lighten up, relax and just enjoy the laughs. It would be really dumb to be critical about it.

Movie Review: The Back-Up Plan Reviewed by DAM on 12:35 AM Rating: 5

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