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Olympics of Reality Singing Shows 2019: #1 Rocket Man - Gjon's Tears / The Voice France

Gjon's Tears | The Voice France

ORSS jury have been unpredictable yet again and that somehow played a part with 2019 smashing the record of 2016 of posting the highest standard deviation in the entire ORSS run. It's quite a feat. Maybe because there was no clear standout or frontrunner coming in, which made every just trust their gut and not rely mostly on preconceived notions on things. 

Rocket Man was one of those performances that would've been easily overlooked if pitted against more hyped competitors. In fact, some of the jury mentioned that they had serious reservations about him trying to climb a peak as steep and treacherous as Mt. Elton, yet proved that he had the range, brute power, and charisma to give the performance justice. His ability to infused the oft-heard ballad with a modern-rock sensibility was pretty nifty, the way the melody slid over his lovely textured voice, the way he shifted his vocals was seamless, the way he controlled his instrument to great effect.. we could go on and on and on.

But instead, the jury just decided after topping four (4) jury lists and not falling beyond 50 to name Rocket Man as 2019's Best Reality Singing Show performance. What a pleasant surprise.

Olympics of Reality Singing Shows 2019: #1 Rocket Man - Gjon's Tears / The Voice France Reviewed by DAM on 1:06 PM Rating: 5

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  1. This performance was mágical. Í felt almost like Í did with cyrus years ago


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