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Movie Review: Shutter Island

I will say this: Shutter Island was completely unexpected!

I thought that this was one of the most well crafted psychological thrillers in recent memory. From the first note of the score, to the last shot on the screen I was completely enthralled by this film. Really. This movie brought me into so many different paths that guessing how everything will end up was nearly impossible. One should watch this film REALLY carefully. Ha.

To me, the most impressive achievement of this movie was that the storyline was consistently riveting for a running time in excess of two hours, seemingly without a single wasted shot, scene or line of dialogue as the plot unfolded in a cinematic scale. I mean, this had to be one of the most intriguing plots I have seen in a while. Sure, the story was a little too complex and it really took some attention to make a little sense of it all, but that, I thought, set this movie apart from it's contemporaries.

The script was fantastic. The cinematography was amazingly gritty. The direction was outstanding. Everything, down to the set's lighting, was perfectly executed. Technically, yes, it was amazing. But as for acting performances of the cast ensemble? Well, let me just say that words cannot do justice for how excellent their performances were. The acting was spot on from every character - none of it seemed forged or out of place.

Frankly though, Leonardo DiCaprio single-handedly made this film work! And for someone who was never much of a fan, his performance was brilliant - so much range to his character. Without his charismatic presence and fine performance, many elements presented in the movie may not be pulled off successfully, since it relied heavily on his vast range of acting ability. To me, his devastation towards the end of the film was not only believable, but absorbing as well. I'd say I was more than impressed.

All that being said, I will say that not everyone will like this film. Again, this isn't your typical movie - a compelling, gripping, thought-provoking experience, so much so that you might think to see it again for further clarity. I did. In fact, it was even better the second time. Haha.

Shutter Island. A film that made me question my own sanity. Go figure!

I'm just wondering is it better to live like a monster or die a good man?

Movie Review: Shutter Island Reviewed by DAM on 12:31 AM Rating: 5

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