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Movie Review: The A-Team

This, I dare say, is one of the best films this year. Seriously. It was so good that it had me gripped until the end.

Sure, story-wise it was a little weak at some points and the plot got pretty contrived at parts but it didn't matter in the slightest way. The movie was never marketed as a "story" kind of film in the first place so obviously the story was just there to support - yes, that's right - the action.

Really. This film was all about the action. And the action. And the action. And most of it was ridiculously excessive that it made it hard for me to breathe - like, literally. Haha.

I thought the action sequences were very well shot and the fight choreography was bone crushingly good. The cinematography was classier than most movies under the same genre and the artwork and direction was nicely done. Moreover, the pacing of the film was unusually good. It started quite slow but before you know it, it's over - gone in a blur of fighting, flying tank, helicopter stunts and other insane sequences.

But between the jaw-dropping action scenes, I thought the perfect casting made the film excellent! I actually felt that the cast worked well together, and had a pretty good team dynamic. Liam Neeson's performance was flawless and he proved, once again, his diversity as an actor. I mean, he managed to perfectly portray his role - easily edging out action leads half his age. Bradley Cooper was, well, Bradley Cooper. Haha. His comedic timing was excellent and he was, not surprisingly, charismatic. And yes, for the ladies - biological and honorary - he showed off his buffed-up physique almost to the point of absurdity - he was shirtless on screen more than Mark Wahlberg in Date Night. Haha.

Now, as for Rampage Jackson, I thought he was capable. He wasn't the best actor, alright, but neither was Mr. T. In general, I don't think I have a lot to complain about him. Sharlto Copley, I thought, was the easy stand-out of the foursome though. I mean, he clearly stole the show with his craziness - literally - and humorous one-liners. Of course, others offered some fine support, including the lovely Jessica Biel and Patrick Wilson.

Forget about Oscars, plot points and coherence. I'd say this movie was worth all the bucks. This movie had the perfect combination of comedy, action and a well-delivered - though slightly flawed - story.

Movie Review: The A-Team Reviewed by DAM on 12:52 AM Rating: 5

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