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Movie Review: Red

I never thought much of this film prior to viewing it, but this was a pleasant surprise! I thought that the movie was - in every way - a mindlessly fun popcorn flick, filled to the brim with laughs and reckless action sequences.

As far as espionage films go, I admit that this one was a bit more light weight compared to, say, The A-Team or even The Losers. It also had the same basic storyline that I've already seen in a number of films under the same genre. But I really have to point out that what made this better than most of it's contemporaries was the stylistic approach, clever wit and the effective delivery of its A-list cast.

Seriously. Four A-list actors with lots of explosions and car chases - and even a little romance - was more than enough reason to watch this movie. I mean, to see someone who once portrayed a Queen - Helen Mirren - in a firing stance wielding heavy artillery with her velvet gloves off was the price of admission already. Haha.

Needless to say, the cast, I believe, was the best part about this film. They obviously had a lot of chemistry. Bruce Willis still got what it takes as a believable action star. Helen Mirren was very effective, and so was Morgan Freeman, albeit to a fairly lesser extent. Mary-Louise Parker was also a joy to watch. But, the true stand out was John Malkovich, whose character was so fun, so bizarre and utterly and hilariously paranoid. I thought he stole the show completely.

On a technical standpoint, I thought the film did really well. I have to mention though that some of the movie's action sequences were ridiculously slick, especially the scene where Bruce Willis effortlessly just "stepped out" of his car in the first car chase - I admit, my jaw dropped when I saw that. Ha! 

With Bourne-like precision along with the Mr. and Mrs. Smith lightness, this was an awesome action flick that didn't rely on a lot of bloody violence just to make it good. The film had me enthralled and this somehow reminded me how much fun it actually is to hear old people joke around. Haha. Good job!

Movie Review: Red Reviewed by DAM on 1:40 AM Rating: 5

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