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Movie Review: Megamind

Let me just say this: Megamind had its moments, but I strangely fell asleep during it. Hmm..

Well, Dreamworks is notorious for creating a combination of hits and misses - their misses can be anywhere between disappointing like Shrek 3 to just plain forgettable like, say, Monsters vs Aliens - and with all of the great, even excellent animated films to come out, especially in this year alone, there's always one which is bound to break the streak. Sadly, that party-pooper arrived in the form of this film, Megamind.

Sure, it was this year that we all saw Dreamworks release an excellent animated movie with How To Train Your Dragon, but I honestly think that Megamind just brought the movie outfit's status down to earth and back into comedy territory. No, that's not saying that this was a bad film - far from it, actually. I thought it had a great voice cast, great animation, and good technical aspects. It just fell short of having a memorable script and a not-so-original story.

Again, let me get one thing clear. The voice acting, I thought, was good. I mean, with Will Ferrell and Tina Fey in the cast, the movie clearly had a one heck of a voice cast. Seriously though, I think the best one belonged to Brad Pitt as Metroman. Ha! His take on the character was both noble yet cheesy, very on point. Haha.

On a technical standpoint, I thought the animation was stunning, with some very detailed action sequences and explosions. It was crisp and visually stimulating. The art direction was also pretty good, and so was the musical scoring. I believe the soundtrack enhanced the mood of the whole film.

But as I've said, the overall story gave the film it's downfall. There was just nothing really that memorable from it. The success of the jokes were erratic. The script was surprisingly quite adult in its analysis of good and evil, even contemplative at times. I'm not even sure if the kids actually got what the movie was really all about behind the silly action sequences.

Ultimately, this movie was was solid but nothing spectacular. Hit and miss humor, predictable story and less heart. It was still enjoyable, if a bit silly.

Movie Review: Megamind Reviewed by DAM on 2:12 AM Rating: 5

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