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Movie Review: Tangled

After all the hype surrounding this film late last year, I was a bit worried that it might not meet my expectations. Admittedly though, I didn't know what to expect. I mean, it's Disney - which was somewhat comforting - but  it's also their first animated movie - outside Pixar - that got a Parental Guidance rating, so Tangled actually seemed different. Well, good thing, the film didn't disappoint one bit and I was actually pretty impressed.

Let me start with the obvious: visually, the film was outstanding! The animation style was vibrant, the backdrops were exquisitely rendered and the characters had excellent detail with an impeccable fluidity in their movements.

The music, I thought, was also quite exceptional. It had enough musical numbers to keep Disney fans more than satisfied and not enough where it's already an overkill. Frankly, I didn't realize that this was a musical until the first song and it was a pleasant surprise. Ha! The songs were meaningful and heartfelt that all served a purpose.

Now, as for the voice casting, I thought they all did wonderful. True, I was a little iffy about Mandy Moore as the lead voice but she was perfect for the role. I thought she gave life and the right amount of innocence and edge to the character. Zachary Levi's voice acting was also pretty charming. I have to mention though two characters who added humor to the film - Pascal (chameleon) and Maximus (horse). Sure, they had no speaking lines, I knew exactly what they wanted to say and their clever expressions came in loud and clear.

In terms of story, it was pretty straightforward but equally compelling - maybe because of the wild spin they put into this old fairytale. The humor was spot on and the pacing was superb. Oh, and there were a couple of scenes that almost made me cry and some that actually gave me goosebumps - that's rare, mind you! - especially the lantern scene.

Ultimately, I highly recommend this film. With an outstanding animation and an abundance of heart, Tangled is absolutely what I would wish for in a fairy tale: remarkable, glorious and, of course, magical. It's a movie that's very hard NOT to like.

Movie Review: Tangled Reviewed by DAM on 2:41 AM Rating: 5

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