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Movie Review: Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Was this even necessary? A movie? More so, on 3D? Granted, I'm not the target audience for Justin Bieber, nor I plan to be, but it's still a movie, and movies are supposed to be watchable. And watchable this was, well, not. Sort of.

I have nothing against Bieber, but there was clearly nothing new I learned about the kid here. Just the typical, I am from a small town in Canada, discovered by Scooter yada yada yada. Nothing exciting, nothing new. This movie could have easily been shortened to 30 minutes and show straight to a Biography channel or wherever.

I also would have liked to see an actual interview with Justin Bieber himself, there was no time to reflect on his personality beyond the angelic layer of perfection the media created. All the non-concert footage of him was either old home video footage or just pointless scenes of him rambling to random people backstage.

In fact, the whole "documentary" lacked a certain degree of humanity. Not once in the film did they mention what he's like as an actual person. It's just all about his musical talent and the build-up to his status today. Even the people who talked in interviews throughout the film were his family or management or freeloaders and, of course, they did not say anything negative about him for the sake of keeping the film positive and upbeat. Again, no new insight whatsoever about the Biebs.

Now, as for the production, I didn't get it. AT ALL. The editing was awful. Most of the scenes were cut so quickly that it was almost impossible to take in. The camera work was almost nauseating and the 3D was just as bad. To me, there was nothing in this movie that should have warranted it being in 3D. NOTHING! It was just like two gimmicks - Justin Bieber and 3D - rolled into one. Haha.

There were still - though lacking - a couple of good things to say about it though. I hate to say this, but Bieber actually has a genuine musical talent. I was rather impressed with how good he was with playing the drums at such a young age. And while the concert scenes were badly filmed, I thought the sound was great. The booming audio pulled me into the film and created an almost genuine concert experience. That's about it.

Would I recommend people to watch this? Well, if you're a fan, then yes, this movie is for you. But, if you're someone who dislike or hate Justin Bieber then no. I think this film isn't going to change your opinion and probably may only serve to fuel your dislike for the boy. Haha. Just saying.

Movie Review: Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Reviewed by DAM on 3:40 AM Rating: 5

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