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Movie Review: Something Borrowed

I've seen a number of romantic comedies, and although this may not be the very best I've ever seen - at least, in this genre - I still enjoyed the movie. It's less of a comedy, but enjoyable nonetheless.

True, the plot seemed a bit formulaic and predictable at times, but the storyline had a few nice surprises up it's sleeves that somehow made this film slightly above average. I admit, this movie made me laugh, (almost) cry and stare in disbelief. The fact that this film evoked such different emotions from me was more than what I was expecting to get from this film.

The characters were also pretty engaging. I thought Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krazinski were the best part of the whole movie. I found Ginnifer's performance believable. She's luminious in most of the scenes she was in, and her delivery of the material was possibly the most satisfying. John, on the other hand, stole the show as the voice of reason. His natural humor and disposition was pretty remarkable, and his one liners were hysterical.

Meanwhile, Kate Hudson was, umm, Kate Hudson. She added a real likability to an unlikeable character, but I felt like she had a hard time getting in touch with it. I don't know. As for Colin Egglesfield, he held his own although I would've liked it if he was less wooden in terms of acting. When he tried to cry, it was like he was battling a severe case of constipation instead of moral conundrum.

Oh, and I honestly think that it would've been a nice touch to have Goodwin's character "narrate" the movie from behind the scenes. I mean, it would connect the audience more to the story than a straightforward - with a couple of flashbacks - type of storytelling. That's just me though.

Overall, it was a nicely done feel good movie. No, it's certainly not going to win any awards or wasn't particularly GREAT cinema, but it all worked out just fine. I walked out of the theater feeling good and refreshed.

Movie Review: Something Borrowed Reviewed by DAM on 3:49 AM Rating: 5

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