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Movie Review: Colombiana

Purely unexpected! Colombiana was nothing special, but I must say that I found myself rather entertained by this polished and energetic action flick. It was solid and punchy at every second.

True, this one had that typical action film set-up complete with a plot that was preposterous, somewhat absurd and arguably thin. But what worked for Colombiana was the fact that it managed to build some great action sequences despite the straightforward and cliched plot - something that's not exactly a bad thing.

Visually, the film was shockingly stunning. From the opening scene with a pretty spectacular cinematography of Colombia as the backdrop to the more complex sequences incorporating some of the most stylized camera work and editing I've seen in a while, this was such a visual treat.

The brilliantly crafted action scenes were also flawlessly executed without going overboard. Some of the stunts were exceptionally shot and faultlessly rendered, the fight scenes were well choreographed and it had it's fair share of slow motion which was used well within the context of the film. I even found the direction of good quality.

But while all of that were enough for some mindless entertainment, the excellent performance of Zoe Saldana made the film better than it actually was. I sure had doubts if she'll be able to pull off a movie all on her own, but she was impressive and quite believable. She brought a lot of feminine charm and spunk to a somewhat bada*s and gritty character. The supporting cast were also good in general.

Colombiana was a straight-up action movie. No more. No less. Taken as a whole, the film wasn’t perfect, but it's the best I could have hoped for. Stylized fights. High production values. Excellent lead.

Movie Review: Colombiana Reviewed by DAM on 2:34 PM Rating: 5

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