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Movie Review: Contagion

I admit, Contagion was predictable and terribly cliched, but there's something about the film that was gripping. And while I expected the movie to be filled with suspense with my heart jumping ever so often, the stark and somber struggles of each character was a pleasant surprise.

The story could've been a little tighter as it was constantly changing from one storyline to the other, but I found most of it fascinating and possibly the most realistic as far as the genre was concerned. The intertwining stories based on an epidemic was a brave and interesting concept and the film pulled no punches on giving off the message it was trying to - it wasn't overly successful most of the time though. Ha!

I was also quite impressed with how much character development there was in this movie. I didn't get emotionally involved with anyone of them, but I felt their struggles as characters.

Thanks to the impressive cast ensemble! I mean, with a plethora of Oscar winning and nominated actors in one film, how could it possibly go wrong no? Sure, the actors had varying importance in this film, but everyone did relatively well with the materials they were given. Matt Damon and Jude Law, however, stood out the most in this film.

Oh, and the movie had that kind of slick look in its production values - some scenes were unexpectedly gritty, which, to me, was a nice touch.

All that being said, Contagion wasn't a perfect film - what is? - as I found the pacing to be a bit inconsistent and the editing was a bit choppy in parts. The jargon and technical terminologies being thrown around a lot also felt a little taxing. There was nothing incredibly exciting with the film and it just didn't have enough conflicts. Somehow, I didn't feel like the movie actually peaked.

Considering that Steven Soderbergh was involved in this film along with an impressive cast and interesting premise, I had high expectations. Well, as it turned out, Contagion was solid, but quite forgettable. I felt like it could have gone somewhere, but didn't.

Movie Review: Contagion Reviewed by DAM on 2:36 PM Rating: 5

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