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Movie Review: The Change-Up

If Freaky Friday and The Hangover had a lovechild, this would be it! The Change-Up worked with this very tired material - you know, switching bodies and whatnot - but for older audiences complete with excessive foul languages, sex references and toilet humor. Was it funny? Sure. But there were certain things that didn't sit with me well.

Of course, the film was a no-brainer and I get that. The Change-Up was not of great substance or profound moral quality as it was obviously made to entertain. But while I admit that it was indeed funny, there was something about it's raunchy humor that felt out of place. I guess, if the movie didn't take itself too seriously - especially towards the end - and just went with the ridiculousness of it all, it would've worked.

Some situations were played too over-the-top that it ruined whatever sense of realism this completely unrealistic premise tried to achieve. The script was uneven, the pacing was a little odd  and yes, the humor that had all the swearing and gross out gags became tiresome very quickly.

Good thing the cast delivered good performances. I thought Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman were successful in their portrayal of each other. They, to me, somehow made the film interesting than usual. Leslie Mann gave a good poignant performance for a comedy, and Olivia Wilde was, well, fine. Haha.

Again, the film had plenty of laughs and it was kind of refreshing to see a film that wasn't subtle about what to expect, which unfortunately was also to it's detriment. It was entertaining, and that's all there was to it.

Movie Review: The Change-Up Reviewed by DAM on 4:54 PM Rating: 5

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