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Movie Review: What's Your Number?

I admit, I expected to see a nominal quality movie going in, but I was pleasantly surprised that this was a noticeable cut above the average. Dare I say, one of the better romantic comedy films to be released this year.

Of course, the story was still painfully predictable with cliches and whatnot. The ending wasn't anything special and the script was just as funny and rude as say, Bridesmaids complete with potty-mouthed dialogues of crude characters. But for some weird reason, I actually didn't mind. I mean, I got completely wrapped up in the characters that I ended up loving almost everything no matter how cliched it was.

Yes, there's no doubt that the film's appeal was strengthened by its cast. Anna Faris, I thought, was really good. She was able to pull off - yet again! - a ditzy character with all the physical and slapstick comedy with conviction. She was adorable, intelligently stupid, and of course, hilarious. Chris Evans also did great. He's funny, charming and he actually showed a good range of emotions, especially for a comedy film. Plus, he's possibly a perfect specimen of man.

Suffice it to say, they both successfully carried an otherwise flat movie with their uncanny comic ability and unbeatable charm. But that's not to say the supporting cast didn't do their jobs well, because most of them were equally hysterical. But that's that. Haha.

So, while What's Your Number? certainly wasn't a masterpiece, I thought that it went past the average romantic comedy films and delivered a simple yet delightful movie experience. It's a no-brainer and it would be dumb to be critical about it. Just saying.

Movie Review: What's Your Number? Reviewed by DAM on 4:55 PM Rating: 5

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