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Movie Review: Step Up Revolution

You know what, this movie was too derivative of it's predecessor from the basic storyline to the fantastic dance sequences that I could basically just copy paste the review I wrote for Step Up 3D in 2010.

Admittedly, the dance sequences were still top notch, but slightly better than the previous installments as this infused more styles of dance other than what we've seen before. Here, they incorporated contemporary and modern dance to successful winning measures. Add to that the idea of an elaborate, cutting-edge flash mob crew and this was easily a "step up" from the rest. Ha.

One particular sequence, the one that took place in an art museum, left me in awe. I had to reach down and lift my jaw off the floor. That scene was full of wonder and creativity. It wasn't groundbreaking by any means, but the way it was executed was spectacular.

Again, like Step Up 3D, this film also took full advantage of the 3D technology as it gave a good amount of visual depth from start to finish and not just a mere marketing gimmick. To me, only the Step Up franchise got to utilize the technology to great effect - other than Avatar, I guess.

Now, leaving all the fiery kinetic dancing aside, the film was decent although nothing to scream about really. The script left much to be desired, the acting was fine and the plot was predictable given the familiar theme. But then again, who comes to these movies for the plot? Seriously. I have to say though, the added twist concerning protest art - more than the usual self assurance or rebel behavior theme - gave this a slight edge in terms of story compared to the previous films.

Overall, if you can't leave your intellectual high standards at the door, expect Step Up Revolution to be a long bland shambles of a film. Put that aside and you have, arguably, some of the most amazing scenes ever shot on film this year. So, my advice is to stop going to these movies expecting to see high art or even decent storytelling and just sit back and enjoy the ride or rather the moves.

Movie Review: Step Up Revolution Reviewed by DAM on 6:18 PM Rating: 5

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