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Movie Review: Resident Evil: Retribution

When I saw the trailer a few months back, I felt the need to watch this film. I enjoyed the franchise in general, but somehow this one fell short from what I actually expected it to be. Sure, there were a couple of good parts in this movie, but the mediocrity certainly overwhelmed me a bit.

The story was unbelievably thin, the writing was almost non-existent and I hated how the whole story was summarized and explained through narration within the first few minutes of the film. It could've easily been shortened to 30 minutes.

There was also absolutely NO time spent on characterization and none of the characters had any depth AT ALL and may as well have been cardboard cutouts. Sure, the Resident Evil franchise was NEVER about the story or character development, but give us something other than explosions, zombies and gun fires. A decent story would've sufficed just like the previous installments.

To me, the overall tone of the movie, and weak character development were both sacrificed, so they can attempt to put action and special effects as quickly as possible. It was fine at first, but the movie felt like one LONG action sequence that began to lose impact after a while. As for the acting, it's ok. Haha.

If I have one good thing to say about the film, I personally thought that the visuals were good, although I got less than what I expected. Haha. They can never win no?

Such a shame. This could have been so good, but whatever. It's a movie that relied on heavy-handed, mind-numbing explosions and action extravaganza and nothing else. It was a big disappointment for a pretty known franchise.

Movie Review: Resident Evil: Retribution Reviewed by DAM on 6:27 PM Rating: 5

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