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Movie Review: The Big Short

Just brilliant! You see, understanding the financial collapse that happened in 2007 was frustratingly difficult - especially for those without any background - and yet, The Big Short miraculously found a way to creatively explain what happened during those times complete with high finance concepts and jargon in a very engaging and immensely hilarious way. The energy was absorbing, it was gloriously self-conscious, it interestingly broke the fourth wall, and the depth of each lead character strangely made me root for them but within limits since they're not exactly the "hero" of the plot - although no one was. Of course, the performances were great and I don't think I need to further elaborate given the talent that surrounded the movie. The Big Short would've been one huge convoluted mess if handled by a less competent director and had a relatively more straightforward narrative. It didn't and that made this possibly one of the most riveting films I have seen in a while.

Movie Review: The Big Short Reviewed by DAM on 4:37 PM Rating: 5

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