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American Idol 15: Top 14

Welcome to American Idol 15’s Top 14 night where the theme is "Favorite Moments From The Season So Far" which is just a fancy way of saying, "Sing a song you've done before since we don't have enough time to prepare for another song because Top 10 will be tomorrow".

Oh, and four (4) people did not have to sing since the judges gave them a "fast pass" and advanced directly to this season's Top 10.

- Dalton Rapattoni
- Olivia Rox
- Trent Harmon
- La'Porsha Renae

The others get to sing a reprise of their previous performances, and while some did disappoint, a lot of them actually delivered some pretty stellar performances.

Let's get on with the show shall we?

10. Gianna Isabella
I Put A Spell On You
I know that they're supposed to perform a reprise, but I Put A Spell On You was her last performance prior to this. Why? Was she pulling a Tatiana Del Toro? Again, this had the appearance of being a strong vocal performance, but it also lacked authenticity and depth. I saw, in less than two minutes, all vocal ability Gianna was capable, but without any of the song's intent and purpose. It was too clean, too vanilla, and sounded too bland to make a difference. 5

09. Lee Jean
Make It Rain
Was this Lee's fifth Ed Sheeran performance in the entire season? It's not like Lee has a bad voice. He doesn't. But he's just too raw for this competition that the absence of, well, anything makes it very hard for him to build up any sense of momentum in this competition. He's just.. there. So what? 5.5

08. Manny Torres
Master Blaster
Eh. This was a bit of a mixed bag for me. On one hand, it was great way to start off the show and it was fun and energetic and showcased a lot of personality in his voice, on the other hand, it didn't have much lyrical depth necessary to create enough impact and connection and the chord structures were complex enough to allow for interesting vocal choices. It was good, but not good enough. 6

07.  Jeneve Mitchell
Ring of Fire
Still unsure what to make of Jeneve. The arrangement of Ring of Fire wasn't as jarring as her Showcase Round, but this still felt odd. I don't know. Maybe she's slowly becoming a little one-dimensional and I want to see what other tricks she has up her sleeves or her novelty will catch up on her. At this point, I can't tell if she's a threat or just someone trying to finish eighth. 6

06. Thomas Stringfellow
Story of my Life
This was standard American Idol fare only with his squeaks on steroid. Seriously. That has to stop - thank you, Harry for finally addressing the issue - because other than his annoying affectations, Thomas has a really beautiful voice. I'm pretty sure Thomas is going to get by for weeks on just being adorable and charming, but eventually, he is going to have to deliver, at the very least, one outstanding performance that wins over casual voters. He's going to stretch himself and lose those affections, because if he doesn't, MacKenzie Bourg is waiting backstage. 6.5

05. Tristan McIntosh
What Hurts The Most
Vocally, very impressive stuff, but I was also left wondering if this was more generic than purposeful. Everything is just becoming a little too predictable for my taste, and I'm thinking that she might have peaked way too early in the competition. Tristan's version of What's Hurts The Most was a gorgeous, solid vocal, but I don't think it was enough to put her our in the front of the pack again. 7

04. Sonika Vaid
I Surrender
She may be too young to saddle herself with an epic love song like I Surrender, but Sonika's interpretation was interestingly visceral. Her vocals were restrained, pleading, and vulnerable, but soared when it needed to. This was such a gorgeous vocal and delivered a powerful emotional performance. Good on you, Sonika! 8

03. Jenn Blosil
True Colors
No, her vocals weren't perfect, but the intensity and emotional deft carried this performance. There was just something about the way Jenn told her story tonight that had me entranced. Was it the glittered eyebrows? I'm not so sure, but she stirred something emotionally in me tonight that I've never felt when I heard this song before. It was like I was hearing the lyrics for the first time and that's a sign of a great interpreter - glitters and all. 8

02. Avalon Young
Yo (Excuse Me)
There was something so light and enjoyable about Avalon's performance that I couldn't help but smile. I admit, the song choice may be polarizing the greater demo of the show, but you just can't disregard the incredible charisma and rhythm of this girl. Not to mention we could really see a marketable contemporary artist with her. I find myself rooting for Avalon to find a way to breakthrough, because if she does crack the code, she could really last all the way to the Finale. This week will be an important test of her staying power. 9

01. MacKenzie Bourg
This was a total rockstar performance that oozed charisma. I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but his ability to control his voice and seamlessly transition from chest to head voice just pulled me into a completely different world. Roses allowed him to break out vocally and show different dynamic changes that aren't always present. This was a creative and interesting original tune and clearly the best of the night. 9

Gianna Isabella
Manny Torres
Lee Jean
Jeneve Mitchell

Gianna Isabella
Manny Torres
Lee Jean
Jeneve Mitchell
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